I had been thinking about creating a virtual tour on board the Italian WWII warships for some time. A few years ago the Italian Navy published some original photos in which you can admire the internal rooms of the battleships of the Littorio class and probably some of these refer to the famous battleship Roma, sunk by the Germans on 9 September 1943 off the Asinara Gulf in Sardinia. Ironically, it is the only Italian battleship of the time still existing, but being at the bottom of the sea, at considerable depth, divided into various parts and in a serious state of deterioration after almost 80 years of permanence in the water, it is practically impossible to explore it.

After watching the original photos depicting the interiors, furnished with a modern style for the time, I decided that I would make a digital reconstruction of it.

With this project I would like to reconstruct part of the interior of this ship by creating panoramic views that can be viewed with or without VR headsets to enjoy a virtual museum by which you can visit the ship, inside and outside, and admire it as it was at its time.

The work that I intend to do is gigantic and for this reason I created a page on Patreon.com to ask for your help.

Anyone interested can choose one of the proposed subscriptions and thus give me a hand to develop the project.

By becoming a patron, you will have access to exclusive content based on the chosen level.

I thank in advance all those who will join me.

Welcome aboard!

Carlo Cestra

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Click on the images below to enter and have a look at the Board Room (that was locate at the stern of the ship) and the Wardroom


By supporting this project on Patreon, you'll become an active participant in the creative process.

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To do that you need to create a Patreon account and select one of the membership levels available.

There are currently four levels available: Basic, Advanced, Extra and VIP

At any time you can cancel or upgrade your membership level.

Starting from the Basic level, with about 5$ (USD) per month, you will already have access to all the panoramic images published.

The upper levels will unlock other content, including extra images and previews, desktop wallpaper downloads (always related to the ship) and free A3 poster delivery (VIP level) from the catalog on the AVIATIONGRAPHIC.COM page.

New images will be published with a minimum frequency of 2 per month.

Your contribution will help grow this project.

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You can enjoy the image in three different ways


Each image can be viewed with a computer or with a portable device (smartphone or tablet). The navigation system allows you to easily rotate the view in any direction. There is also a bottom menu with the main controls.

If you display the images on a computer screen you can rotate the view using the mouse by clicking and dragging directly on the image or using the navigation keys on the bottom menu.

With the portable device you can rotate the view using the touchscreen or by rotating the device if it has a gyroscope.

If you are using a VR headset, the portable device must have a gyroscope.
To use the VR headset, select the VR mode and activate the gyroscope by pressing the icons on the bottom menu, then insert the device into the VR headset.

The VR headset offers a more immersive visual experience since the images are stereoscopic and create an effect of depth and real perspective.

The images can also be viewed with the use of anaglyph glasses (cyan / magenta) by activating the appropriate icon on the bottom menu (this option is available for the computer screen only).

In any case, an internet connection is required.


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